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Full Version: WrkzCoin - [ANN]
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WrkzCoin will have an airdrop of 300 million WRKZ in our discord server at 7:30 PM on Friday, April 26, 2019 (GMT+8) and last ~ 1 hour. Join to receive Airdrop and more fun with our small community Smile

Our discord: https://chat.wrkz.work
Add more exchange to the main thread:

OffshoreX XCY-WRKZ
Add new pool:
https://multicoin.arqma.com/#getting_started Merged with ARQ
We have launched a testnet for chukwa wrkz variant. The new algo is planned to fork at 600,000 height (~75 days from now). Below are some links for anyone who would like to test the new algo.

TestNet Pool (will be alive till forkheight 600,000):

xmrig CPU windows 64 bits binary:

Source to compile:

Sample config.json:
xmrigCC and xmrigcc-donation-proxy supports algo Argon2-256 (Wrkz).



That is ready for CPU mining for our next fork.
Added 2nd explorer:

We will shutdown https://pool-us.wrkz.work/ by Aug 30th, 2019 which will happen after our fork.
xmirg new release with argon2/wrkz support:
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