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WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 06-25-2018

WrkzCoin is a cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote technology. Our goal is to build, create, and lead the next generation digital marketplace and eventually utilize a freelance work platform on which anyone can participate.  Our team consists of various roles and support staff including an Engineer, System Administrator, and a Web Developer. Future positions are being considered for roles as they become available.

Coin Specification:
  • Coin Name: WrkzCoin
  • Ticker: Wrkz
  • PoW Algorithm: Cryptonight Turtle (Fork height 302,400)
  • Supply: 500,000,000,000.00 Wrkz with 2 decimal places (Yes, Five Hundred Billion)
  • Emission speed: 22
  • Pre-mined: 3% (= 15 Billion) for future development
  • Difficulty target: 60 seconds
  • P2P port: 17855
  • RPC port: 17856
  • Genesis: June 24th, 2018

Whitepaper v1.0 (Dec 2018)

Block Explorer

Pub node list

Paper Wallet
This paper wallet can run in your browser and never sends any data back to our servers. 

Mining Pools
http://wrkz.llama.horse Merged mining BTCM+WRKZ
https://webbtcm.semipool.com Many merged mining with WRKZ
https://multicoin.arqma.com/#getting_started Merged with ARQ

https://pool-sg.wrkz.work             (Shutdown by Feb 28th, 2019)
https://pool-eu.wrkz.work             (Shutdown by Feb 28th, 2019)
https://wrkz.pool.flowmine.xyz/  (Temporarily unavailable)
https://tlrmwrkz.merged.stx.nl/ Merged with TLRM
(To be update more)

By FlowMine: https://wrkz.web.flowmine.xyz/

FirstCryptoBank: Altilly
Our website / Forum
Website & forum: https://www.wrkz.work/

Resource Donation
[Wrkz]: WrkzRNDQDwFCBynKPc459v3LDa1gEGzG3j962tMUBko1fw9xgdaS9mNiGMgA9s1q7hS1Z8SGRVWzcGc8Sh8xsvfZ6u2wJEtoZB

BitcoinTalk ANN: Bitcointalk ANN

Best regards,
wrkzdev team

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 06-26-2018

Updated with discord link.


RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 06-29-2018

Updated to main thread:
Linux binary CLI (x64):

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 07-02-2018

Updated Faucet (10-20Wrkz): https://myexplorer.wrkz.work/#getwrkz to the main thread.

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 07-06-2018

Updated to main thread:
MacOS binary CLI (x64): https://github.com/wrkzdev/wrkzcoin/releases/download/wrkzcoin_0.1.0.3/macOS_cli_wrkzcoin_x64_0.1.0.3.zip

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 07-20-2018

Updated GUI wallet (Win & Linux x64) links to the main thread.


Basic features:
  • Generate/Backup/Restore wallet
  • Encrypt wallet with password
  • Built-in CPU miner with preferred pools
  • Embedded/Local and remote blockchain
  • Multiple location for remote blockchain
  • Restore/display mnemonic phrases wallet from paper wallet
  • Import/Export keys
  • Send and list transactions
  • Block Explorer (for local blockchain)
  • Contact list
  • More...

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 07-22-2018

Added GUI Wallet 32 bits version for Windows link to the main thread:

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 09-04-2018

Holders, miners and pool operators, kindly update the daemon and wallet (CLI, and GUI) to the latest one before height 100,000.

CLI: https://github.com/wrkzdev/wrkzcoin/releases
GUI (Win64): https://github.com/wrkzdev/wrkzcoin-gui-wallet/releases

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 10-28-2018

CLI updated v0.2.4.15:

Please update to avoid sync issue. GUI Wallet is in progress...

RE: WrkzCoin - [ANN] - wrkzdev - 12-19-2018

We just uploaded our Whitepaper version v1 to the main thread.

WrkzCoin Whitepaper V1.0 (Dec 2018)

Additional mining pools:
Please help to distribute the network hash rate among mining pools. We also have very often tip of Wrkz in discord and other fund stuffs. Join our discord http://chat.wrkz.work to discover more.