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How to use WrkzCoin command-line in Windows
By assuming you already download binary Windows version of CLI from GitHub. You shall extract and see the exe's files as below:

[Image: medium.jpg]

Synchronize Daemon by running Wrkzd.exe. It shall run as the image below. You shall keep it running until it is fully synchronized with WrkzCoin network.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Once, it is synchronized. Keep Wrkzd running and do not close it. You can start using wallet with zedwallet.exe to 1) Generate New Wallet 2) Open an existing wallet file 3) Generate a new wallet by seed phrase 4) Import Wallet using view and spend keys 5) Import view only wallet.

[Image: medium.jpg]

PART I: Generate a new wallet file by entering letter G, it will ask you for wallet file name and passwords.

[Image: medium.jpg]

After you enter the information, wallet cli will generate a new wallet file and display the information such as wallet address (for receiving fund & mining), view & spend keys, and seeds words. You shall record all of those to a safe place.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Copying those information is easy, please find the image below:
[Image: medium.jpg]

It is complete for how to create wallet and do not forget to exit.

[Image: medium.jpg]

PART II: How to generate paperwallet ( to import it later.

You shall open  and generate a new wallet information then store them.
[Image: medium.jpg]
Save information data of wallet address, seed phrase (and optionally view & spend keys).
[Image: medium.jpg]
That is done. You just created another wallet using paper wallet.

PART III: How to import paper wallet to a wallet file using seed phrase.

Start zedwallet.exe again (keep Wrkzd.exe running and fully synchronized with WrkzCoin network). Choose letter S, and enter seed phrases.
[Image: medium.jpg]

Once you enter, it will prompt for wallet file name and passwords.
[Image: medium.jpg]

After that, it will generate a wallet file and start to synchronize with blockchain.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Wait a while. Once it is fully synchronized, you shall see all transactions either from mining or from friend's fund.

[Image: medium.jpg]

Either generating a new wallet or importing from a seed phrase, the wallet file shall be created at the same directory where the exe files are located.

[Image: medium.jpg]

How to transfer?
Type transfer, it will ask you and very straightforward.

[Image: medium.jpg]
And do not forget payment ID if your friend needs it.


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