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Writing competition
Hello all,

We are launching a competition to help spread awareness for WrkzCoin.  Please write a short summary regarding #TheCoinThatWorksForTheFuture and what you want to see in the future for Cryptocurrencies and how we can best obtain that future.

Do not plagiarize work and writing from other sources. Be sure to register on our website ( prior to submitting. Only English submissions will be accepted.

First prize: 5,000,000 Wrkz
Second prize: 2,000,000 Wrkz
Third prize: 1,000,000 Wrkz

The subsequent 20 posters will each receive 10,000 WRKZ Coin providing that their submission is valid and original.

On the title page, please provide the following information:
Valid Email Address
Age (Optional)
Current Occupation
WRKZ Wallet Address (Required for payment)

Please email all submissions to [email protected] 
The deadline for submissions is July 20, 2018. Any submissions after this cutoff date will not be accepted.
Max attachment size 10 MB
PDF File Type only.
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