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[ANN] ParaDIGM Content DAO & $DIGM Crypto Media Platform
(10-29-2020, 03:57 AM)ÆJT | Wrote:

If you got the time I got the DIGM
Worldwide Music Collab & Crowdsale Event

Check this out.

I am releasing this song from my 1st Folk/Blues album to serve as a worldwide music collaboration in conjunction with the launch of our new
ParaDIGM Collaborative Content Production DAO and DIGM Crypto Media Platform Crowdsale.*
presented by Fandom Gold Project.
We will be helping to crowdfunding platform development (as well as our first media production) by essentially pre-selling my entire debut album (including this world collaboration song mentioned above..) as a way to celebrate our initial platform launch of the DIGM token* on the burgeoning Bitcoin Cash blockchain’s simpleledger protocol ecosystem, and extremely efficient decentralized P2P payment platform for commerce.

Submit your audio

track(s) of you playing any musical instrument of your choice or using any specialization of audio technical skills...mastering, editing, producing (searching for talented technicians in A/V for future productions, too!)

if your track(s) is used in the final mix of the song, you will - in exchange for your talented contribution to the collaboration, be awarded 1 of the 100,000 DIGM tokens available for crowdsale- entitling you ( and all DIGM token holders) , the ability to access all songs of the album in full (at time of release)

Moreover -

If your track or collaboration is selected, you will ALSO receive co-ownership of the song’s copyrights (along w/ myself & any other chosen collaborators) includes decisions regarding all publishing & sync opportunities in the future.
Swing for nothing but the fences.

Music Collaboration and DIGM Crypto Media Platform crowdsale event begins today.
Remember, Remember the 5th of November.
Token priced around 10 bucks and in order to avoid daily inflation effects of fiat currency-
the official token offering price is 1 DIGM @ 0.04 BCH on
Or BTC (@0.0006), XMR (@0.08), or Fango (@1000 XFG) Long as you contact me beforehand in case of variance in exchange rates. 

No financial gains are guaranteed nor offered from participation in the DIGM platform crowdsale or worldwide music collaboration event, in any way.
DIGM tokens represent future access of utility on the DIGM Media Platform and serves merely as a “Ticket”. Not financial advice. Forward looking statements, Etc. etc. “titles, titles.”

Please submit your track(s) for collaboration on

(*) 1 DIGM = 1 Album (at time of release) Token will later be used for accessing further collaborative content productions and services on future DIGM Media Platform.





Link to slp DIGM token
Fuck it, let’s make it Audio only.
Crypto Audio Platform..
Subscriber Limited

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