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Airdrop from December 25th to December 31th, 2021 in WrkzCoin Discord Guild
We will do airdrop in WrkzCoin Discord between December 25th to December 31th, 2021. To receive airdrop, you will need just join in our Discord, idle or chat and be online during the dates.

Many WRKZ and other coins too supported by other users in WrkzCoin Discord community!

u/pluton will add 1,000,000 WKRZ per one ? to Airdrop pot and capped by 2,000,000,000 WRKZ in total.
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From December 25th to December 31st, 2021, the WrkzCoin Discord Guild hosted an exciting airdrop event. During this period, members had the opportunity to receive free WrkzCoin tokens simply by participating in the community. This festive airdrop was designed to reward active members and encourage new users to join the guild. To participate, users needed to be active in the Discord server, engage in discussions, and follow specific instructions provided by the admins. The event not only fostered a sense of community but also helped to increase the visibility and adoption of WrkzCoin.
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